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    We’ve all been there. You planned out a delicious family dinner, set aside time to actually cook it and as you prepare to gather your ingredients you realize you forgot to buy that key item. Now panic ensues. You frantically search the pantry and fridge for anything that you can use to pull the recipe together. And then your toddler skins his knee. Or the baby needs her diaper changed. Low and behold your dream of a perfectly cooked meal quickly goes out the window.  

    I get it. Dinner every single night can be a chore. But don’t let a recipe stop you in your tracks. Recipes are simply guides. Ideas. Suggestions! No one will know if you leave out the onion. Or swap out the feta for some leftover goat cheese you had lying around (hint hint….one of my favorite swaps!).

    So the next time you are stuck, use these substitutions to help create a different (and dare I say improved?) version of the recipe you intended to make. You may just find a new family favorite at the end of the night.

    Gather’d Market’s Favorite Food Substitutions:

    Feta cheese - Goat cheese

    Sour cream - Greek yogurt

    Fresh herbs - Dried herbs (using a 3 to 1 ratio)

    Oat flour - Whole Oats (grind in a blender and voila…oat flour!)

    Ground beef - Ground Chicken, Turkey, Lamb or Pork

    Butter - Coconut oil

    Spinach - Kale, Arugula or Swiss Chard 

    Soy Sauce - Coconut Aminos (gf too!)

    Honey - Maple Syrup 

    Chives - Scallions 

    Pasta - Rice, Polenta, Quinoa, Farro or Couscous

    Tortilla chips - Plantain chips

    What is your favorite ingredient swap? Leave a comment and let us know! 

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