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    Our Story

    From Our Founder:

    Dearest friends -

    Some of my best memories growing up are of the large meals together with my family. Our love language was food, and I grew up on some of the best Mexican food you could imagine. Once I had kids, I knew I wanted them to experience that same warmth around the dinner table.

    Given my novice cooking abilities, I found myself scouring Pinterest and Instagram for meal ideas every Saturday. Diligently writing down my grocery list and organizing it by category. And on my bravest weeks (pre-COVID), I took my kids to the grocery store with me. But let’s be honest, if one part of that superwoman process was off at dinner time (like if I forgot a critical ingredient or choose a complicated recipe) we found ourselves eating out. I tried every possible solution out there to feed my family well, and honestly, on many weeks I didn’t try at all.

    Like with every other key moment in my life, I became motivated by a deep frustration in the status quo. Why was technology helping me buy unnecessary stuff, but still not solving my most basic human need? Enter the idea for Gather’d Market. I dreamt of a modern grocery store - built for real families who want to share beautiful meals together but don't always have the time for searching and shopping.

    My love language is clearly still food and it brings me great joy to put Gather’d out into the world. My hope is that we become your trusted partner for grocery shopping and also a company you are proud to do business with.

    With love,


    PS: My family most definitely still eats out (I love you Deru Market!), but now as a choice, not as a sign of defeat.

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    Our Mission

    Gather'd Market exists to care for families in our community, in tangible and meaningful ways.

    We weren't meant to do this life thing alone. The Gather'd Market team knows the endless to-do lists you keep and the big dreams you have for your life and your family. We aspire to be a real partner by carrying a little of the burden with you.

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