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Momofuku Bossam (Korean Slow Cooked Pork)

by: Recipe Tin Eats

Ingredients: 2

Total Time 5 hours
Servings 12
Dietary Considerations

This is David Chang's famous Momofuku Bossam (or Bo ssam), his take on the traditional Korean pork dish that costs US$250 at his NYC restuarant! Pork shoulder is dry cured so it's seasoned from end to end, then slow roasted until fall apart tender and finished with a brown sugar crust. Serve with condiments for DIY lettuce wraps for an epic eating experience that will be remembered for years to come!

$0.00 ($0.00 per serving)

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Main Ingredients Included

Whole Foods / PCC

Ginger Root Organic, 1 Each

Whole Foods / PCC

Green Onion (Scallions) Organic, 1 Bunch


+ Add Pantry Staples Pantry Staples

365 Everyday Value

Cane Sugar Organic, 32 oz

365 Everyday Value

Light Brown Sugar Organic, 24 oz

Lucky Foods

Seoul Gochujang, 15.8 oz

Napa Valley Naturals

Vinegar Sherry, 12.7 Fl Oz

Redmond Real Salt

Kosher Sea Salt, 16 oz

San J International

Soy Sauce Shoyu Organic, 10 oz


Canola Oil Organic, 32 Fl Oz


+ Goes well with: Substitutions

Lundberg Family Farms

Rice White Long Grain Organic, 32 Ounce

Trader Joe's

Kimchi, 10.58 oz

Whole Foods / PCC

Butter Head Bibb Lettuce Organic, 1 Item

Momofuku Bossam (Korean Slow Cooked Pork)
$0.00 ($0.00 per serving)

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