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Individual Chicken Pot Pie

by: Once Upon a Chef

Ingredients: 9

Total Time 1 hour 10 minutes
Servings 4 to 6
Dietary Considerations

Chicken pot pie is a classic for a reason. The flavors are comforting and the dish filling. We love these individual pies for quick freezer meals. Store-bought rotisserie chicken and puff pastry make these easy to pull together.

$0.00 ($0.00 per serving)

Shopping list for this recipe

Below is what we will shop for for this recipe. Adjust quantities, make substitutions, and add staples from the ingredient list here. Price per recipe will update automatically.

Main Ingredients Included

365 Everyday Value

Heavy Cream Grade A Organic, 32 oz

Aussie Bakery

Puff Pastry Frozen, 17.3 oz


Lemon Garlic Rotisserie Chicken Cold, 1 Item

That's Tasty

Thyme Fresh Organic, 0.5 oz

Trader Joe's

Broth Chicken Low Sodium Organic, 32 oz

Trader Joe's

Peas Organic Frozen, 16 oz

Whole Foods / PCC

Carrot Loose Organic, 1 Each

Whole Foods / PCC

Celery Organic, 1 Bunch

Whole Foods / PCC

Onion Yellow Organic, 1 Each


+ Add Pantry Staples Pantry Staples

365 Everyday Value

Butter Unsalted Organic, 1 lb

365 Everyday Value

White Pepper Ground Organic, 1.69 oz

King Arthur

All Purpose Flour Organic Artisan, 5 Lb


Large Organic Brown Pasture Raised Eggs, 12 ct

Redmond Real Salt

Kosher Sea Salt, 16 oz

Whole Foods / PCC

Garlic Regular Organic, 1 Each


+ Goes well with: Substitutions

365 Everyday Value

Salad Kit Sweet Kale, 11 oz

Cascadian Farm

Mirepoix Organic Frozen, 10 Ounce

Whole Foods Market

Bread Boule French Baby Organic, 9 oz

Individual Chicken Pot Pie
$0.00 ($0.00 per serving)

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